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Jan 26, 2013 7:00pm EST
alice and center for policy studies. he previously served as senior research fellow for defense. the homeland security. he is well versed in the special area operations and cyber security areas as well as defense support to civil authority. he served for three decades as an army special forces officer in top pentagon official. in july 2001 he assumed the duties of military assistant to secretary rumsfeld and work daily with the secretary for the next five and a half years. upon retirement from the army continued at the pentagon as deputy assistant secretary of defense homeland defense and american security affairs. please join me in welcoming steve. [applause] >> let me add my welcome to all of you. i think we're going to have a real treat this morning. as john mentioned, i am a special forces officer by profession. so this area is near and dear to my heart. this is kind of what we do or did. it'll let me do it anymore. [laughter] i mentioned to max when he came in a little historical artifact in that when i was a cadet at west point i bought a book that had just been published.
Jan 27, 2013 11:00am EST
'm a research note of the national defense university so i must make the specific opening comment. the remarks i am about to make and written i chapter 14 of the book neither rep -- neither represent my old employer, department of defense but, in fact, represent my own research and conclusions. i think for the opportunity provided by national defense university for that academic freedom and for the freedoms published here in this book. in the text of the chapter inside entitled the 80% solution, the death of bin laden, al qaeda and the implications for south asia security, i make and work hard to justify several points regarding al qaeda as constructed by osama bin laden. my general strikes is in the following three areas. first, we so under estimate and underappreciated significance of the death of osama bin laden to the essence of what al qaeda was. global al qaeda, al qaeda as a threat of an international and the static -- catastrophic niche. into a cogent mobley threatening movement and he was no less important in this and lenin was to making a marxist bolshevism globally relevant to the com
Feb 2, 2013 11:00am EST
understands as secretary of defense or anyone who wears the uniform is burden is now on our soldiers. and we have overloaded the circuits. of we've asked our military to damn near do everything. well, we should never, ever put the military in that position. not only are they not capable of doing everything, they can't. they're human. and so consequently, we're seeing a great deterioration in the quality of our army and the marines, we're doing great damage to our fort structure. and i talk about that in the book. but soft power, how do we use all the instruments of our government, of our country, of our reputation? i talk about the first, in the first part, first section reintroducing mesh to the world. i -- america to the world. i think for the next president in his or her administration and the new congress, that's going to be as critical a component and urgent focus that the new president is going to have. this new president is going to have to reconnect america with the world. the world does not know who we are, and that should not come as any great surprise when you look at those 6.5 bi
Jan 27, 2013 3:00pm EST
in defense of the god-given right to own the african. end quote. the official secession documents just state the same sent independent more polite legal language. now, eight other slave states, who had closer ties with the union, remained within the union, and those are the states colored on the map in front of you in gray and light blue. but four of those states, the ones in gray, arkansas, tennessee, virginia, and north carolina, threatened to follow the states of the lower south out the door, unless the newly elected president explicitly abandoned the platform on which he had just been elected. lincoln, they declared, must guarantee that slavery could in the future expand into all or part of the federal territories, and by the way, not only those territories currently held, but also territories yet to be acquired. and that demand was made with an eye on eventually acquiring cuba, parts of central america and other parts of the caribbean, which were expected to be turned into slave-holding territories and slave-holding eventually states. if lincoln did not agree to do this, they said, they
Jan 27, 2013 10:00am EST
'm talking the minister of interior, defense, information, justice, foreign affairs, key front-line commanders, key sort of advisors for little omar was the supreme leader of the taliban, cut deals with the afghan government. and in some cases attended to cut deals with the u.s. this calls for even the most ideological people in the taliban. one example is mullah who was in a ministry of justice and he's one of the ideologues for the most draconian policies for the taliban, the wielding police, people go around and check people. even he surrendered and cut the people in 2000 do. oblong with him were thousands of foot soldiers. and so -- along with of them were thousands of foot soldiers. there was an opening there but, unfortunately, it didn't come to pass. this is what i think 2002-2004 are irrelevant for what's happening today because again, today the question is whether a broad political settlement is in the cards or not. but what the taliban leadership in 2002 and 2003 was a settlement was not developing. instead, every single deal that was engineered was some point overtur
Jan 27, 2013 10:00pm EST
defense, let me understand in my logical way what made the difference between two children who began almost as twins inseparable and in my own eyes for surely the identical. u.s. smarter and have the father i wished for and why did buy into our or even thrive when he failed with the same dangers that surrounded me? with the culture that pushes boys into the street while protecting girls but there uó more.ÑuoÑóuóuó mentioning that day at the hospital the one thing called it what you like discipline, determination, p erseverance, the force oftóóí will even apart from hiswí saying so i knew it made alltóuó the difference of my life with only i could bottle it i would give it to every kid to know if that is about? every time your parents tell you not to be stubborn tell them that the justice said it is a good thing. [laughter] life throws each of us a lot the world with the community is to help me be nominated in the supreme court something i will be proud arrogant to thank you know it all. that is one of the hardest things to say i don't know. i hope my a book will encour
Jan 26, 2013 8:00am EST
, the budget has to support the growing ambitions of the putin leadership to increase funding for defense, funding for infrastructure, for the renewal of industry and, indeed, shall we say for the support of the many clans that provide the basis of support for the regime. this sets the stage, these two things, these two trends, the increasing dependence of the russian state on oil and gas revenues to field an expanding budget and the impending increase in costs in declining profits from oil and gas, this sets up if you visualize it in your minds two contrary curves that are going to intersect somewhere. and result in crisis. the russian oil industry in its next generation is simply not going to be able to support the growing level of expenditure that is basic to the russian system, to the russian state system that we see today. and that's the core argument of the book. the russian state can't help itself. it is effectively addicted. but the russian oil industry can't help it because it has, in effect, had 20 years without having had to compete, to innovate. it is not ready at this moment
Jan 26, 2013 2:00pm EST
quite a lot. take the report of just one of them, defense -- special agent in charge of the bison -- vice-presidential detail, secret service agent time mentioned the moment ago, rufous yarborough. he was riding in the first seat of johnson's car. the motorcade is going through his crowded streets of dallas from every window in the office until people are leaning out. every time jack kennedy waves they surge and the crowd surges against the police and the car has to go slower and slower. when jackie waves they surge even more enthusiastically to the car. suddenly they are out of the main area and they turn into a sort of empty area, a grassy plaza and as they do, there is a shark cracking sound, people fought with a firecracker, backfire of a motorcycle but john connolly knows what it is. rufus yarborough did know in the instant. he hears the noise and in his report, there it is typed up, statement of rufus w. young blood, chief concerning details events occurring in dallas, texas on november 22nd and it is in his testimony before the warren commission. he knows what it is, he loo
Jan 26, 2013 8:00pm EST
panic when nelson's hand slipped their mind in the press of the --. reason seems a better defense against the pain. let me understand in my logical way what made the difference between two children who began almost inseparable and in our own eyes virtually identical, almost but not quite. he was smarter. he had the father i wish for though we shared our best special blessing. why did i endure and even thrive when he failed, consumed by the same dangers that had surrounded me? some of it can be laid on the door of machismo the culture that pushes boys out into the street while protecting girls, but there is more. now saidñ[ had mentioned that dy at the hospital, the one thing i had that he lacked, call it what you like, discipline, determination, perseverance, the force of will. even apart from him saying so i knew that it had made all the difference inv] my life. if only i could bottle it i would share it with every kid iz america. well, do you know what that's about? [laughter] tell you not to be stubborn, look at them and say the justice said it was a good thing. [laughter] lif
Jan 27, 2013 4:00pm EST
of trying to reticulated defense of their economic policies, they ripped us apart. they divided us. they start vilifying conservatives as hating poor people on the middle class. this whole class warfare thing, ripping up the part based on economic status, i was sitting there watching obama gave a speech the other day and he said 12 times the middle class. what is with that with pigeonholing us to the middle class? he that's to say about totalview, you americans come the little people, get into the middle class and stay there. first of all, why is the president of the united states responsibility to decide what class i should be in. i should have dreams to achieve whatever level of income and greatness but i want to. this country provides me the opportunity to have a pretty good shot at achieving my dreams. play by the rules, work hard, hudson has a end you can build it. you can achieve greatness. this president instead tears us apart until the nicest those who have succeeded. the breathtaking greed of the few. that is an amazing thing. to condemn those who have achieved success. we
Jan 27, 2013 7:00pm EST
of iran has built a strong, defensive military capability. but it has virtually no capability to project military power offensively be honest orders. so what it is done in its real success and national securities energy has been to develop a software strategy. a strategy that galvanizes regional publics, galvanizes these publics most intensely of grievances, including grievances against the united states and israel and most importantly against their own unrepresentative pro-western government in regime. amendment the islamic republic has done is aligned itself with public opinion at south in the middle east to constrain hostile governments from attacking a. just think about how barbering largely shia population would react to the fleetest our fifth fleet based in bahrain to attack the islamic republic today. u.s. military planners could hope that the iran's population would be passive as they think they assumed maybe even five years ago. but today it clearly seems reckless. for other ridiculing many american policy elites do with the islamic republic, the appeal to regional public actual
Jan 27, 2013 12:00am EST
their strategic position. sometimes we are who we are feels like a defensive crouch, and that gets to this fracking question. can you really be -- have this strength of the operating system, which are considerable -- they're safety driven, they're focused on operating excellence and they have a pretty good reputation in the business as project operators. i with wanted someone to develop our oil and the project to come in on time, on budget, and get paid early, we would definitely entertain their power point presentation because they have a record of project management that is good. where they get into trouble is where they extrapolate these operating systems, this rigidity into political affairs, you know, this human factor -- >> host: things that. >> guest: things made up of social change. and they're on record as a social entity themselves, as a corporation, on the promotion of women, on diversity, on responding to the kind of world that we live in. it's not great. and you can say these conservative values are out of fashion but we think they're powerful, that's fine if you're ta
Jan 27, 2013 9:00am EST
has built a strong, defensive military capability. but it has virtually no capability to project that military power offensively beyond it borders. -- beyond its borders. so what it has done and its real success in its national security strategy has been to develop a soft power strategy. a strategy that galvanizes regional publics, galvanizes these publics' most intentionally-felt grievances including their grievances against the united states and israel and, most importantly, their grievances against their own unrepresentative, pro-western governments and regimes. and then what the islamic republic has done is it has aligned itself with those publics, with public opinion itself in the middle east to constrain hostile governments from attacking it. just think about how bahrain's already-angry, largely shia population would react if we used our fifth fleet based in bahrain to attack the islamic republic today. u.s. military planners could hope that bahrain's population would be passive, as i think they assumed maybe each five years ago -- maybe even five years ago, but today that
Feb 2, 2013 3:00pm EST
the world of nightmare. reason seems a better defense against the pain. what made the difference between two children that began almost the same way, inseparable. and in our own eyes, virtually identical, almost, but not quite. he was smarter, he was the father i wish for. why did i enjoy, even thrive when he was consumed by the same dangers that surround him? a culture that pushes boys out into the streets while protecting girls. there is more. nelson had mentioned that at the hospital one thing, call it what you like, discipline, determination, perseverance. a force of will. even apart from his saying so, i knew that it had made all the difference in my life. if only i could bottle it, i would share it with all in america. every time your parents tell you not to be stubborn, look at them and say that the justice that it was a good thing. [laughter] [laughter] it isn't easy for people with money. i have many friends who have proven that to me. money does not buy happiness. the very true adage. life does each of us a lot of things. if you let them knock you down, life is really unhappy. the
Feb 2, 2013 12:00pm EST
in defense of that interest. of course, we did not have in the 1970s, a robust military that would provide the opportunity to deploy over long distances. nevertheless, it began that the united states assume security responsibilities. the next step that was taken towards the duties that the british had done came in the iran iraq war that continued through most of the 1980s. during the reagan administration, trying upon that very same standard that president carter had put forward projected military force into the gulf in the refighting of tankers and using the u.s. military to do that and escorting ships through the gulf. putting the u.s. military in harms way. in 1991 the united states engaged in operation desert shield and desert storm. so after 1991, the united states never laughed red it has been maintaining order. it has been ensuring the free trade in and out and around the golf, the missions that the british had been doing in the 1800s and 19 hundreds. since then, it has been a time that is separated by what i call chaos. >> host: can this continue? you see a continuing? should it ca
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)